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Flex Strip Power Usage Chart for Controller and Power Supply Sizing

You may design you layout based on the actual power usage, But if you have long runs and/or are planning on running the strips on white or full brightness for long periods of time you may consider using the rated figures.


Rated (Actual Usage at 12v or 24v)


RGB Flex Strips 5M (16') Reel (5060 RGB 30/M SMD LED)

RGB Flex 12v Rated Actual
Red 1A (.8A)
Green 1A (.8A)
Blue 1A (.8A)
White (RGB) 3A (1.8A)

Rated power usage: 2.25 Watts/Ft
Actual power usage: 1.55 Watts/Ft On White 100%  (per foot) (Red = 50mA) (Green = 55mA) (Blue = 53mA)

RGB Flex 24v Rated Actual
Red .5A .6A
Green .5A .6A
Blue .5A .6A
White (RGB) 1.5A 1.5A


Single Color Strips 5M (16') Reel (5050 30/M SMD LED)

Single Color Flex 12v Rated Actual
Red 2.5A (2A)
Green 2.5A  
Blue 2.5A  
White 2.5A (1.8A)
Warm White 2.5A (2.0A)
Yellow 2.5A  


3528 Single Color Strips 5M (16') Reel (3528 60/M SMD LED)

Single Color Flex 12v Rated Actual
Red 2A (1.6A)
Green 2A (1.5A)
Blue 2A (1.5A)
White 2A (1.7A)
Warm White 2A (1.5A)
Yellow 2A  


Controller Sizing

PWM Dimmers, Amplifiers and Remote Controllers (Based on our 30/M 5050 and 5060 SMD LED Flex Strips)

Rated Amps/Ch

Feet of Single
Color Strip
Feet of RGB
2A 13' (16') 32'
3A 19' (24') 48'
4A 25' (32') 64'
6A 38' (48') 96'
8A 50' (64') 128'

Max Strip Based on (Rated xx') (Actual (xx')) Power Usage
The chart above is a hybrid chart based on what should work for normal use.
You may want to adjust the lengths for abnormal projects and/or conditions.

The above chart it just for sizing controllers, it does not mean you can connect the stated number of feet end to end and power from one end, If you have long runs you can connect them end to end but you should provide additional power supply wires to several points along the way (for 12v single color strips we recommend not connecting more than 2x strips end to end without powering from both ends and/or the middle)


(for high output or custom strips contact us for power usage)



the power usage drops quickly as you dim your lights so if you are looking to run several rolls in a dim state you could use a small power supply as long as you have a PWM Dimmer in line turned down. (i will try to get a chart of the actual usage at different dim levels up here in the near future)