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LEDs Are The Future of Lighting

High Efficiency
LEDs are 80% more efficient than regular bulbs.
They do not produce much heat, helping to keep A/C bills low.


Long Lasting
LEDs last 50,000-100,000 hrs compared to the 1,500 hrs of a regular light bulb.
They come on instantly, unlike CFLs, HPS, MH, and MV bulbs which need to warm up first.


Durability & Shock Resistant
LEDs do not have fragile glass bulbs or filaments, and can withstand physical shocks and vibrations which would shatter conventional lamps. They can be dropped, used in fans, flashlights, etc....


Multi Function
RGB LEDs can produce any color. Thus, it is possible to create full color light shows and amazing effects
They are also dimmable, unlike compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).
LEDs come in many sizes, shapes and colors.


LEDs are mercury free, unlike CFLs. If you have CFLs you should read this in case of breakage.
They do not get hot, so there is no fire risk.
They do not produce damaging UV rays.


Easy to Install
LEDs operate on low voltage and low current. Therefore, there is not need for big, expensive wires or protective gear.
They are small and flexible so they can be placed anywhere..


LEDs save more energy than compact fluorescent bulbs.
However, CFLs are cheaper and have equal or greater light output than current production LEDs.
The down side of using CFLs is that they contain mercury and seem to fail before the end of their rated lifespan.
We recommend that you use LEDs as much as possible, and only use CFLs if you need more light output (and do not need them to be dimmable)

The cost of LED lights will continue to decrease as the demand increases.