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LED Accent Lighting
For this project, we used 24x rolls of our RGB Flex Strip
1x in each skylight facing up 11x stuck on wall behind cove molding 11x under windowsill facing down
Products Used
Details and Other Ideas
RGB LED Flex Strip 24v For longer runs, we suggest that you use the 24V LED flex strips (instead of the 12V) so that you need less power feed wires.  In this example, we used 18-4 feed wire and ran it from the amplifier to about every 3rd roll.  All of the rolls are connected end to end and the feed wires are spliced inbetween the rolls.
DMX Touch Screen Color Wheel The DMX Touch Screen Controller has 4 Zones.  We used 1x for the sky light, 1x for the ceiling, 1x for the floor, and the last for the puck lights outside (you could control the zones with any of our RGB Controllers but for this project, our customer wanted to use the DMX touch screen color wheel- it is very fun to use!)
3x DMX Decoders
If you use one of our DMX controllers, you will need one of our DMX Decoders for each Zone (each area which you want independent control over).  If you use a non DMX controller, you do not need to use these.
2x RGB Amplifier 8A/Ch In this example, the longest run consisted of 11 rolls connected together.  This is too much for the DMX Decoder (or RGB controller) to handle by itself; therefore we used an Amplifier (installed after the DMX decoder or RGB controller).  For this project we needed a large one, so we used one rated for 8A/Ch (if we used the 12v strips we would have needed 2x Amplifiers per zone or 12A/Ch).
350W 24v Power Supply For the long runs, we used a large power supply (in stock but not on our site).
96W 24v
Power Supply
To connect the skylights together, we used a 96W 24V power supply connected to the DMX Decoder and then out to each strip (no amplifier was needed as there were only 2x rolls).
Wiring Diagram If you have larger projects, please feel free to contact us.  We would be glad to help you design your DIY project.  If you would like a certain product that's not listed on our website, please let us know.