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LED Area/Patio Lighting
cool white flex strips

For this patio lighting project, we used 40' of our Cool White LED Flex Strip (About 2 1/2 of our 16' rolls).  We used its self adhesive SMD backing and stuck it on the wall just below the roof. It produces a nice bright light similar to that of a fluorescent; however it comes on instantly even in cold in cold weather!
Another advantage for this application is the absence of shadows (there are no shadows since the light is coming from a long strip).  In addition, this LED strip lights the patio up to about 30' out, without any trouble.

Products Used
Details and Other Ideas
Cool White LED Flex Strip 24v You could also use the warm white LED or RBB LED strips.  However, for this project the goal was to simply light the patio, so we chose the brightest strip (our cool white LED strip).  All of the rolls are connected end to end and the feed wires are spliced in between the middle rolls.
18-4 Wire Since this is a single color LED strip,  it only needed 2 of the wires but since we have 4x in the control cable and the transformer was 30' away from the middle of the strips (where the power is fed to), we decided to take advantage of the extra wires to help reduce voltage drop.  To do this we connected both the red and white together and the black and green together.
96W 12v Power Supply For the long runs we used a large power supply (in stock but not on our site).
It was connected to a regular wall switch so it only has off and on but you could add a PWM Dimmer between the transformer and the LED strips (you could use a remote key-chain or wall mount dimmer).
Wiring Diagram

If you have larger projects feel free to contact us.  We have extensive knowledge and experience with designing LED lighting projects.  In addition, contact us if there is a product which you would like but is not listed on our website.

cool white flex strips
cool white flex strips
This project used 25' of the Cool White LED flex strip.
5w Replacement Bulbs

For this entrance stairway, there are 3x of our 5w EU-27 Cool White LED replacement bulbs (which simply screw into a normal 60W fixture).
The Cool White LED bulbs are great for outdoors, basements, attics, and porches- actually anywhere you would normally use fluorescent lighting.  Our Warm White LED bulbs are great for indoor uses, as they have a nice warm color which is similar to a regular incandescent bulb.   They are fairly directional, however they still emit an even light over the whole area.  In addition, these LED bulbs are dimmable with standard household dimmers.
These 5W LED bulbs are a great bulb for motion detectors and security lights.  They come on instantly, even in the cold weather, and they are bright enough that you can see the entire area.
They are not sealed for outdoor use, but they are well built and LEDs are quite durable even in harsh conditions.  We installed them outdoors, and they have been working fine ever since.  If you are worried about the weather, you could always put a little silicone around the lense for extra precaution (or special order one of our outdoor models).