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Reception Party

        It is easy to transform a simple space into an elegant occasion with the help of some well-placed lighting.  At this reception party, RGB LED strips were used to illuminate four light pillars which cast soft white light during the formal dinner.  However, when the dancing began, the pillars were able to change color to the music and help get the party started!  LED lights can be connected to DMX controllers and are thus the perfect option for receptions where DJs will be controlling the lights with DMX. 

       Another advantage LEDs could bring to a special occasion or reception is their energy efficiency.  If an event is located in a setting with limited access to electricity, the LED lights could be powered by batteries.  LEDs provide versatile options for every occasion.


Reception with beautiful LED strip mood lighting effects.


Elegant Reception Party using flexible LED strips inside mood lighting pillars.


Bar glows with LED strip lighting.

Bar glows with LED strip lighting.


RGB LED strips in light pillars start to change color as the night progresses.

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