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LED Under Cabinet Lighting
LED Under Cabinet Lights

For this example, we have used one 5' strip of our Warm White Flex Strip.
It has been stuck under the cabinet facing down (with its self-stick backing)

Products Used
Other Ideas
Warm White Flex Strip 12v 5' Although our Warm white flexible LED strip is the most popular choice for LED under cabinet lighting, you could also use RGB (color changing) or both warm white and RGB in combination.
Dimmer - Key Chain RF With a dimmer, you can turn these LED under cabinet lights into a night light!  Although this is not necessary, it is a nice option.
Male Power Connector Any of our PWM dimmers will work (installed between the power supply and the LED flexible strip).
Power Supply 1A 12w 12v For longer runs you can use larger power supplies.  Contact us with questions about your specific DIY kitchen/remodeling project and we can tell you which power supply is necessary.
Wiring Diagram If you have shiny counter tops, you can install the LED flexible strip on the front lip of the cabinet facing the back wall. This limits the glare off of the counter top, creating a nice soft light.