Welcome To usLEDsupply!

We have decided for a limited time we will have a LED Lighting Contest for our customers.
If you are interested follow the instructions below


The Contest has 3 levels
Level 1. You provide us with good before and after pictures with a step by step description and pictures of the installation process.
If we feel you made it easy for others to follow the instructions and your project looks neat we will give you store credit for up to 30% off your order total or $50 off (depending on the extent of your project)
(eg: spend $150 in led Flex Strips make something neat and we will give you $45 in credit)

Level 2. You create a http://www.instructables.com page or similar with detailed step by step instructions and pictures.
Send us the link (you must state where you purchased the led's from in the instructions)
and if we feel you made it easy for others to follow the instructions and your project looks neat we will send you a free roll of our product (depending on what type you purchased) eg: you ordered a roll of RGB Flex and an IR Controller you could receive up to 1x roll of RGB Flex and if we thought it was great we may even include an IR Controller or store credit if you would prefer. You only pay shipping or we can include it with your next order.

Level 3. Send us your pictures of your completed projects for our slide-show and we will send you a coupon for free shipping.


Contest Directions
1. Create an account
2. Add the products you will need to your cart or wish-list
3. Take a picture of where you project is going to be installed (eg: if it's under cabinet lighting take a picture of the kitchen and cabinets, or if it's your front porch take a picture of the whole porch and one of where the lights will go)
4. Send us the pictures and a description of what you are going to do (be as detailed as you can) and what option (1 or 2) you are going for. Be sure to include your name
5. We will let you know if and what you qualify for (we are looking for unique and/or neat ideas)
6. Place your order and when you are done send us the pictures and instructions then we will give you the credit


By entering the contest you give us permission to use or link to your story and pictures.