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Touch Screen DMX RGB LED Controller

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DMX Touch Screen RGB Led Controller

Touch Screen DMX RGB LED Controller

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The world’s most sophisticated, easy to use, and refined wall-mounting full color light DMX controller.
There are plenty of features, including: Simple finger touch regulation Full color light regulation White color regulation 1 - 100% dimming control Four user-configurable program buttons 32KB User program memory space DMX and OpenDMX protocol Supports Master and Slave operation  8-30V AC/DC low voltage power supply Isolated DMX bus
Your P1L has been designed and produced according to the highest LUX quality standards. In order to be able to use all P1L functions, please read the manual.

How does it work?
Simply tap once over the surface of the P1L to turn the light ON.  In the dark, there is a light indicator to help you to find the switch. Tap twice to turn the light OFF. In order to regulate the color of the ambient light, briefly touch the colored area.  The light will change to the color you have touched. You can also modify the tonality of the white color, by touching the white circle nearby the edge of the color you want to add to pure white color.
After adjusting the color, you can then use the dimmer to reduce the amount of light. The P1L has four program switches. You can memorize four different light settings, or recall four user created dynamic light show programs created on a PC and transferred using simple USB/DMX interface.


The P1L is a result of seeking for excellence. No other DMX device is so direct, so immediate, or so simple to use. The P1L integrates a wall switch, full color 32 bit regulator, dimmer and a programmable DMX central unit. All of this with the simple touch of a finger.  In addition, up to eight units can be connected to the same Open DMX network, thereby controlling all of the lights simultaneously.

Power supply range AC 6-26 V AC / DC + 8-36 V DC Power consumption Active mode 1.3 W / Stand By mode 1.1 W DMX interface isolation 100V DMX Refresh rate 44 Hz CPU 16 bit RISC User program memory 32 KB Color regulation: 32 bit Full color DMX Line: Isolated DMX Protocol support: DMX512A / OpenDMX Size: 80x118 mm



For a basic video of this controller Click Here

Additional Information

Suggested Uses Commercial/ High-End Residential
Product Highlights Easy to use Touch Controller for up to 4 Zones with Full Color Control and Brightness adjustment
Led Color N/A
Mounting Options Wall Mount
Voltage 12/24v
Wattage 1.3w
Power Usage in Off or Standby State 1.1w
Number Of Chanels 12 or 16 Unique DMX Channels depending on mode RGB / RGBW/A
Power Input: Connection Type, Voltage, Amperage Screw Terminal AC 6-26 V AC / DC + 8-36 V DC
Output Connection Type Screw Terminal DMX (+) (-) (G)
Controllable By Finger (Touch)
RF Frequency DMX Refresh Rate 44Hz
Mode/Button Decription

The Dip Switches on the back of the Touch Controller should be as follows
1,5,6,8 should be on (up)
2,3,4,7,9,10 should be off (down)


Follow these instructions to set the Touch Controller to the 4 Zone Mode
Just follow these instructions
1. disconnect the power from the Touch controller. The configuration of the “Zone Mode” can be done only
within first 20 seconds from the power ON.
2. Turn ON the power to the Touch controller.
3. Using program buttons, type in the following sequence: P4 – P4 – P1 – P3 – P3 – P2. Each program button
press will be followed by the corresponding LED activation. Do not press the program button for more than 3
seconds. Note that the sequence must be typed in within first 20 seconds from the power ON. If you fail to
type in the sequence or you miss some key, repeat the whole procedure from the Step 1.
4. If the above configuration has been typed in correctly, the touch controller will flash all four red LEDs 3 times,
indicating that the “Four Zone” mode has been activated.

Dimmable Range / Steps 0-100% via DMX
Available Options (may not be in stock) Open DMX to USB Programmer and Software for programing up to 4x shown into the Touch Controller (buy or rent)
Available Options 1. Dynamic programs can cover more then one zone: you can run up to 254 DMX channels all together using P1L-R as player. So, if you prepare different stories (scenes) for different zones, you can obtain different light show in each zone

2. Dynamic p

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