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RGB DMX Decoder 700mA (for High Power LED)

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Quick Overview

LT-830-700 RGB Dimmer/Decoder for 700mA High Power LED Stars

RGB DMX Decoder 700mA

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  • RGB DMX Decoder CC Wire Diagram
  • RGB DMX Decoder 700mA
  • RGB DMX Decoder 700mA


Decoder is designed to convert the universal standard DMX512/1990 signal into analog signal to drive/control Constant Current High Power LED Stars, it allows user to choose 1~3 output channel, with 256-level brightness control. This decoder connects to and can be controlled by DMX Light Boards, our DMX Touch Controllers or other DMX Controllers/DMX Computer Interfaces allowing its user to create endless possibilities of light shows.

For driving 1~12 pcs 700mA Led per output channel (see pictures)

1.) Input Power:DC12V--DC48V
2.) Output Current:1~12 pcs 2W/3W Leds/ch × 3 (see pictures)
3.) Output Power:3 Channels constant current DC3 - DC42v 700mA PWM
      2.1W~29.4W ×3CH  Max 88.2W
4.) Brightness Control :256 levels
5.) DMX Address:3 channels
6.) DMX512 Standard:DMX512/1990

7.) Working temperature -30℃~65℃
8.) Product Dimension:L163×W78×H40mm
9.) Package Size:L180×W82×H50mm
10.) Weight:430g

Ⅱ. Basic Functions
1.) 256 steps of smooth brightness adjusting.
2.) User addressable DMX interface-with easy dip-switch settings and testing modes.
3.) 3 High power constant current PWM output channels.

4.)DMX pass through (with amp) and in/out connector for daisy chain configurations.
4.) This DMX decoder can connect directly to high power constant current LED lights without any extra circuit components.


Additional Information

Suggested Uses

for driving 1~12 pcs 700mA Led per output channel (see pictures)

Power supply voltage should be as close as possible to the combined voltage of all series connected led emitters/Ch
so if you have 3x (3.4v) 700mA LED emitters in series on all 3 channels you will want to use a 2-4A 12v DC Power supply and if you have 6x in series you would want to use a 24v power supply

Product Highlights

It has built in testing or stand alone features. Just turn on the last dip switch labeled (fun) to enable stand alone mode (when you don't have a DMX signal or for testing). By using different combinations of the dip switches, you can set the color or fade/flash modes and adjust the speed.

Led Color RGB
Mounting Options Wall Mount, Other
Voltage Other
Wattage 700mA
Output Power 700mA/Ch
Number Of Chanels 3
Rated Amps / Ch 700mA/Ch
Recommended Power Supply Size 1-90 Watt Depending on connected LED Lights
Connections Input/Output

DMX Connections
1x 3-Pin XLR Input
1x 3-Pin XLR Output

Output Connections (To Strips)
Ch 1 = Red     (red wire)
Ch 2 = Green (green wire)
Ch 3 = Blue    (blue or white wire)
Com =  (+)      (black wire)

Power Input: Connection Type, Voltage, Amperage (Plug-able Screw Terminal Strip) DC5V-DC24V (+)/(-)
Output Connection Type (Plug-able Screw Terminal Strip)
Controllable By DMX or built in Fun/Test Mode Switch
Number Of Control Modes Full Control with DMX or 7 Static, 1 Fade and 1 Flash in Fun/Test Mode
Steps of Speed Adjustment Full Control with DMX or 7 Steps in Fun/Test Mode
Dimmable Range / Steps 0-100% via DMX in 256 steps
Wire Color Code Chart

Output Connections

  • Ch 1 = Red     (red wire)
  • Ch 2 = Green (green wire)
  • Ch 3 = Blue    (blue/white wire)
  • Com =  +         (black wire)
Suggested Accessories

Female Barrel Connector for easy connection to out Power Supplies
Cat-5, Phone Wire or Control Cable for connecting to distant LED Lights

Available Options

4x Chanel Version for RGBW or RGBA or Custom Single Color Applications
We can coat circuit board with a water resistant coating for outdoor use.
Constant Current 350mA version for driving High Power Star type emitters

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