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RGB RF Remote Controller 5A Multi Zone Touch (Extra Receiver) RGB or RGBW

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RGB/RGBW 10 Zone RF Touch Extra Receiver

RGB 10 Zone LED Receiver RGB or RGBW

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  • RGB 10 Zone LED Receiver RGB or RGBW
  • RGB 10 Zone LED Receiver RGB or RGBW


Extra Receiver for RGB Flex Strip Controller With Multi-Zone and Color Touch Wheel

~~5A/Ch  60W/Ch (can control 80' of our 12v RGB flexible LED strip)
~~Input:  Screw terminals for easy connection to our male barrel plug or stripped power supply wires
~~Output:  screw terminals for easy connection to our RGB flex strips or control cable  ~~ You can connect and control up to 5A/Ch of output (5x rolls of our RGB Flex Strip)
~~Can be used with amplifiers to control more than 5x reels (5M) of RGB Flex Strip
~~ Can also control RGBW strips or RGB strip and a Warn White Strip for better color mixing

For instructions on connecting to or from this controller or any of our other products please visit our How To Install section.

Additional Information

Led Color RGB
Mounting Options Wall Mount
Voltage 12/24v
Wattage n/a
Power Rating Max Amps 4Ch @ 5A/Ch
Output Power 20A 180 Watts Total all channels
Number Of Chanels 3 or 4
Rated Amps / Ch 5A/Ch
Recommended Power Supply Size 1-20A D/C
Power Input: Connection Type, Voltage, Amperage Screw Terminal 12v-36V DC
Output Connection Type Screw Terminal
Can Power/Control (xx) Feet of strip Can control 80' of our 12V RGB Flex Strip.
Controllable By RF Touch Remote (can go through walls)
RF Frequency 430Mhz
Mode/Button Decription

To change the color of a single zone follow the following procedure:
1. Press the power button in the remote if the remote is off.
2. Select the zone to be controlled pressing any of the 1-10 zone keys on the remote:
3. Move your finger across the touch color wheel, until you see the color that
you want.

To change color of ALL the LED lighting Fixtures simultaneously.
To change the color of some or all the zones follow the following procedure:
1. Press the power button in the remote if the remote is off.
2. Press in a rapid succession buttons from 1-10. For example, if we want to
change the color of zones 1,2,3,4, and 5 we will press in a rapid
succession the buttons from 1-5 and then use the color wheel to change
color of that group of zones.
Fast select of color and fine-tuning colors.
The above 4 color buttons are used to access very fast a primary color, and or
to create mixing of colors in a very easy way.
1. If you press the red button, you will see your selected zone and LED
lights turn to red. If you press RED again, you will turn off the RED in all
selected zones. This principle applies for the rest of the buttons
(Green, Blue and White)
2. Mixing colors: You can create a mix of color by pressing 2 or more
buttons. For example, if we want to create a “purple color” we need to
use RED and BLUE for this. Therefore press the red and then the blue
3. Every time you press a color button, you either turn on the color or turn it
a. Example: If we press the red button, we will get RED lights. If then
we press the Blue Button, we will get, Purple (Red + Blue). If now
we press the green button, we will get white lights (Red + Green +
Blue). If we now press the blue button we will turn off the blue, but
RED and green will still be on, therefore creating yellow (Red +

To turn an individual zone on or off
1. Press the red power button to wake up the remote
2. Press and hold the zone button you want to turn on/off for more than 2 seconds to turn it on/off

To quickly turn on the lights to white press and hold the Red power button for more than 2 sec

How to use the Color Effects programs.
1. First select the zone you want to control (1-10).
2. Press the “M” button and you will select the first program with color
3. If you press the M button again you will pause the current color chase
4. If you press the M button again, you will enter program number 2.
See here how it works:
Program1 ---Pause---Program2----Pause---Program3---Pause---Program4---
Each time you press the “M” button, you go through all the programs with a
pause function in between the programs.
Controlling Speed and Brightness of programs:
Once you selected the program of your choice, you can adjust the speed of the
program and brightness levels by using the Brightness and speed controls.

Changing Speed:
Use the S- and S+ on the remote to change and fine tune the speed at which
the colors change in any of the programs. There are 16 speed levels. The
fastest speed is 4 seconds for all the colors to cycle and the slowest speed is
256 seconds.

Changing Brightness:
Use the B- and B+ on the remote to change and fine-tune the brightness Levels
of the selected program.
Note: The B- and B+ also work when you have individual colors selected.

How to pair several receptors to the remote control
The LED Wizard remote control has 10 buttons. Each number button can
control 1 or more receptors.
Here's a configuration example: You have 5 different zones to control in
your installation. Therefore you will have 1 remote control and 5 receivers. You
will need to tell each receiver to what number channel they belong.
Once the receivers have been correctly wired and powered we will start to
define and pair each receiver with its own zone button on the remote.
Step 1:
A. Press the red power button in the remote control (to wake it up)
B. Now press any zone button from 1 to 10 depending in which channel you want to
assign to the receiver. In this case we will press button “1” in the remote.
C. Press the learning button in the receiver.
D. Immediately start sliding your finger in the rainbow circle
of the remote control, if correctly done, you will see the red
LED light blink in the receiver. It will blink for about 3
seconds. Once it stops blinking the receiver has been
correctly paired.
E: Repeat this with other receivers. You can pair all receivers to the same
channel, in this case 1, or have them in different channels 1-10.
If by any circumstance you wish to reprogram any of the receivers, you will
need to “reset” the receiver. To do this, simply press the learning button for more than
5 seconds until the red LED lights shuts off, then follow steps A-E above.

For more features see the controller page or the manual in the link below

Manual www.usledsupply.com/LED/Images/Manuals/RGBW Multi Zone Controller Manual.pdf
Product Size (L)x(W)x(H) Receiver (L) 7" x(W) 1.84"x(H) .74" in
Suggested Accessories Male power connector for connecting to our power supplies

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