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Luchento's Ristrante with RGB LED Lights used in the seating area.

Luchento's Ristorante

This italian restaurant used RGB LED strips to light up the crown molding and recessed ceiling in their dining area.  They also have included small hanging lights hung irregularly from the ceiling, creating a magical effect.  more
Lighted Glass Shelves Surround Archway

Lighted Glass Shelves

After building this archway with surrounding glass shelves, I decided it needed some lighting.  I wanted something very thin and subtle, so as t hardly show when not turned on.  Custom LEDs fit the bill!  more

Aroma Cafe with LED Flexible Strip Lights used in an artistic backdrop over the bar area.

Aroma Café

This sophisticated restaurant has an ambiance which invites people to step inside and take a break from their busy lives and enjoy some good food!  There are many factors which contribute to this type of atmosphere, one of which is carefully placed lighting.  more

Country Restaurant and Bar with LED Flexible Strip Lighting

Country Restaurant/Bar

In this country restaurant/bar, they used lighting to their full advantage.  Red and blue LED strips can be seen under the bars and are also incorporated to highlight their interior decorations, including a collection of guitars on the one wall.  more

Reception with beautiful LED strip mood lighting effects.

Reception Party

It is easy to transform a simple space into an elegant occasion with the help of some well-placed lighting.  At this reception party, RGB LED strips were used to illuminate four light pillars which cast soft white light during the formal dinner.  more

Gas Station Cooler using Cool White Flexible LED Strips to light up the drinks inside.

Gas Station Cooler

LED Strips can have many commercial applications, and this gas station drink cooler is the perfect example.  They produce a nice even light, while staying cool and thereby reducing refrigeration costs.  more

Livingroom with RGB Flexible LED Strips running along the beams for lighting and color chaning effects.

Living Room

This log cabin style home used our RGB strips to illuminate their living room in a fun and unique way.  During a renovation of this room, they left a gap in the middle of each beam where they could place the LED strips.  more

Hallway Accent Lighting with RGB Flexible LED Strips and 4 zones of color.

Hallway Accent Lighting

These color changing LEDs transform what would have been a dark gloomy hallway into an inviting space.  Motion-activated puck lights turn on as you walk down the hallway, bordered by RGB LED strips placed under the windows and above the crown molding.  more

Outside Patio with cool/natural white flexible LED Strip for lighting.

Outdoor Patio

The bright white light produced by the LEDs here illuminates this outdoor patio and even extends out into the yard!  For this patio lighting project, we used 40 feet of our cool white flexible LED strip (about 2 1/2 of our 16 foot rolls). more

LED Deck Lighting with RGB Flexible LED Strips under railings and deck platforms.

LED Deck Lighting

We put up these color changing LED lights on this deck just in time for a big party thrown every year!  They added a nice atmosphere to the party and everyone loved them.  The RGB LED strips were placed under the deck railings and platform levels.  more

Green Jeep with Green flexible LED strips for undercar lighting effects.


This guy used green LED strips to light up the underside of his jeep.  They make the jeep look awesome at night and can even be left on when parked because they run for hours off of the jeep's 12V battery.  more 

Lake House bar combines woodworking craftmanship and LED lighting into a work of Art.

Lake House Bar

Intricately pieced wood and full color LED lighting creates a home bar which is not simply a place for storing liqueur, but a masterpiece in craftsmanship and careful planning.  more

Kid's Room set aglow with RGB LED Lighting.

Kid's Room

Color changing LED lights installed in this kid's bedroom create fun colors which reflect off the walls and onto the desk.  To create separate zones of color, you can either use a DMX controller, use several different models of controllers, or "cheat" and only use one controller.  more

Inside of a Malibu Sunsetter decked out with color changing RGB LED Lights.

Malibu Boat

Waterproof RGB LED strips were used under the gunnel and the seat bases on this Malibu Sunsetter.  These guys are always staying out past dark in their boat, so they also installed LED strips on the trailer guide pylons to make it easier to put the boat back on the trailer at night.  more

Oregon Bar wtih Color changing RGB Flexible LED Strips lighting up the glass bar shelving for a bright and dynamic effect.

Oregon Bar

RGB LED strips light up this bar and are especially vibrant because of the glass shelving.  The RGB light can be set on one color or programmed to fade or flash.  more

Ice Cream Shop uses RGB LED Strips to outline their roof in place of neon lights.

Ice Cream Shop

Colorful LED strips outline the roof of this Ice Cream Shop, greeting customers with friendly cheer.  LEDs offer a nice alternative to neon lights- and they are not breakable and produce a steady color and brightness in all temperatures.  more

Color changing RGB LED Strips outline a house for all year color.

House Outline

This customer discovered that he would never have to put up his Christmas lights ever again!  Imagine simply being able to change the colors depending on the Holiday...red or green for Christmas, orange for Halloween, pink for Easter.  more

Honda Motorcycle with RGB LED Strips for neat lighting effect.

Honda Motorcycle

Many bikers have been taking advantage of LED lighting to light up their bikes, from Harleys to sport bikes.  Since LEDs run on 12V, they can be connected to a motorcycle battery with no need for any other power source.  more

LED Silhouette Art set aglow with color Changing RGB LED Lights.

Sihouette Art

A color changing LED strip lights up this piece of silhouette artwork.  A deeper frame is used in this project, so that the LED strip can be placed on the bottom inside lip of the frame.  more

RGB Puck Lights outside of a garage.

Garage Puck Lights

Color splashes over this 3 car garage from overhead RGB puck lights.  They can be set to a specific color or fade and are controlled by a touch sensitive DMX controller.  more

Light Art Circles made with color changing RGB LED on a slow fade.

Light Art Circles

After someone inquired about using our LEDs for light art, we felt the need to experiment and came up with a few funky different pictures.  They are not professional by any means, but were fun to create nonetheless...  more

Old Garden Path Lights refurbished with color changing RGB LED Modules.

Garden Path Lights

We found 5 old path lights which had quit working and decided to use them to light the path leading up to our house, which is bordered by a beautiful garden.  These soft, color changing LED path lights create an other-worldly type feel, and if they weren't shaped like lanterns they could be something straight out of Pandora!  more

Marry me proposal LED lights from the air.

Marriage Proposal

This sweet proposal was created with white flexible LED strip, shaped into letters and the message "Marry Me."  This did take some planning and work on his part, but I'm sure that when this young pilot took his girlfriend up in the air, and she looked down and saw the message, it was all worth it.  more

Garage where cool white flexible LED strips were used to replace old fluorescent fixtures.

Garage with Strips

Cool white LED strips create a lot of light in this garage.  They were easy to install because they are simply attached to the beams in the garage.  In addition, they turn on instantly even in cold temperatures- unlike traditional fluorescent fixtures.  more

Undercabinet LED Lighting with a warm white flexible LED Strip.

Undercabinet Lights

LEDs have already helped to transform many drab kitchens into bright workspaces where you can actually see what you're cooking!  Warm white LED strips provide the nice soft light which many people are looking for- not the blue-ish white which many associate with white LED lights.  more

usLEDsupply Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Booth

We used LED lights in our Trade Show Booth (because we sell LEDs), and we know many other businesses have been using them as well.  They are a great way to light up your products and display...especially if you are selling solar panels or any other type of energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, "green" product.  more

Florida garage patio uses LED lighting and becomes the perfect spot for catered events.

Garage Patio

This garage patio provides a colorful space for family parties and events.  RGB LED strip outlines the peak on the inside edge facing down, washing color over the entire area.  For a special event hosted by these folks every year, the caterers set up the food tables on this patio.  more

DIY Driveway post lights utilizing RGB LED Flexible Strip and DMX Controllers.

Driveway Post Lights

This DIY project combined pre-made driveway posts with LED lighting.  This guy didn't like the regular bulbs he had in these post lights, and thought it would be neat if they could create color effects for the holidays.  more

Apartment Wall Wash with RGB Flexible LED Strip.

Home Theater Wall Wash

RGB LED strips can wash entire surfaces with colorful light.  This effect is great for home theater rooms or mood lighting.  more

Outside stairs with waterproof RGB Flexible LED Strip are great when you get home at night!

Outdoor Stairs

Stairways can be very dangerous when they are dark.  These outdoor stairs are illuminated with waterproof RGB LED strips attached to the bottom edge of each step pointing down.  LED strips could also be attached to handrails to light up an entire stairway.  more

John Deere Tractor with green LED Modules lighting up the ground.

John Deere Tractor

This tractor displays a unique and funny way to use LED lights.  To create this effect, six green LED modules were attached to the underside of the tractor.  They sure do light up the ground!  more

usLEDsupply Sign created with RGB Flexible LED Strip.

usLEDsupply Sign

This sign for usLEDsupply.com was built into the roof peak of our Trade Show Booth.  LED strips (which you can cut every 2-4", depending on the type of strip) and LED modules are very versatile options for creating custom signs.  more

Truck with RGB LED Lighting


Waterproof RGB LED strips were used to light up the ground underneath this truck.  Since LEDs run on 12V, they can run for hours off a standard car battery.  more

White LED Spot focused on waterfall.

Waterfall Spot

A bright LED spotlight attached to a house lights up this waterfall hundreds of feet away.  more

Garage with white Recessed LED Lighting


Recessed white LED lighting shines very brightly in this garage while helping to keep energy costs down.


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